Dr. M:  

    Thank you  from the heart--you  did wonders for me today as you  do every time I see you.  

   You are the best and I will never  leave you.                     All my love,  



"Lee and Karen you are the BEST Obs a woman could possibly wish for you. What an amazing team you are.  I can't thank you enough for helping me get through this very difficult pregnancy. I pinch myself every day when I look at my two beautiful daughters  remembering what a long struggle it was to get to this day.  I couldn't have done it without the two of you!  We already have a candle for you at the girls Bat Mitzvah so you both better be there! "

                                                                                                                                   ---   Sharon   



    I wanted to personally thank you for all the hours you spent helping my daughter through what seemed like an endless array of one crisis after another. I don't remember being this difficult when I was in high school. You have been incredibly patient. With all the time she and I have spent with you either on the phone or in your office, I feel like you have become more than just her doctor, but also a friend.  Thank you for your gentle yet no nonsense persistence and follow through to insure she was medically and emotionally well and understood all of her options. You are a gem.                                                                                                         --Rose

Dear Lee

    Finding a doctor like you is so rare! I really feel blessed....Your expertise, love and concern for your patients is incredible! I know I am doing so well after my surgery  because of you and the concern you share. I followed my heart and my inner voice which told me"this is the doctor," after seeing three other doctors. From the moment I met you, I saw that you have a fire deep inside you. Positive energy pours out from you no matter how serious the condition. Your goal as I see it, is to find out the root of the health issue and to look at all the options available....your technical skill was  amazing..... God Bless you...

​                                                                                          ------Michele

 What to expect:

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We are honored and thrilled that you are considering our practice for your ObGyn care.

We are eager to personally welcome you to our office and will make every effort to insure that that your experience with us is exceptional. 

We do our best to see our patients promptly for their scheduled appointment.  To minimize your wait time, it would be helpful for you to download and complete the New Patient Information Form below and bring it with you to your visit.


Please make sure you also bring your insurance card. 

You may  expect your first visit in our office to last between 60-90 minutes.  

We believe in the mind-body connection.......we treat the whole person,  not individual body parts and take as much time as is necessary to insure your concerns are adequately addressed

 After registering with our front desk staff, you will be escorted into the doctor's consultation office where you and your doctor can comfortably chat and get to know one another. A comprehensive medical and family history will be obtained. You will then be escorted into one of the examination rooms for a thorough medical exam. 

You will be escorted back to the consultation office so that you and your physician may discuss treatment options, answer questions and summarize a management plan.

We pride ourselves on insuring that when you leave our office all of your questions will have been answered and you will have a clear and concise plan for ongoing wellness.