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  • Gentle exams for teens and special - needs patients
  • Management of irregular menstrual cycles
  • Teaching Breast self exam
  • Sexually transmitted disease prevention and treatment
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Vaccinations & immunizations
  • Treatment of PMS/PMDD
  • Contraception counselling & management
  • Evaluation and management of Abnormal Pap  Smears and HPV testing
  • Fertility and PCOS evaluation
  • Diabetes, Cancer screening and  Genetic testing
  • Pre-conception counseling and  immunizations
  • Evaluation and management of  ovarian    cysts, adnexal masses, fibroids,  endometriosis, abnormal bleeding  and pelvic pain
  • Surgical expertise-advanced laparosopy,    operative hysteroscopy 

  • Perimenopause and menopause evaluation  and management
  • Hormone replacement therapy including  Bioidentical Hormone Therapy
  • Evaluation and management of sexual  dysfunction
  • In office Gyn Sonograms and  Hysterosonography
  • Certified Specialists in MONA LISA TOUCH  Rejuventation 

Our Servic​es

  • We understand that you are busy. Finding time to take care of yourself may seem like a luxury, but it's more important now than ever. 
  • Your body's needs are changing. You deserve to have physicians who take the time to listen and individualize your care in order to maximize your wellness.
  • Dr.'s Morrone and Kirsch have almost 50 years of combined experience helping thousands of women achieve optimal health.
  •  They understand that there is no "one size fits all" approach  to caring for women. 
  • Two patients never present in exactly the same way ..thus, the best medical care requires the time and willingness to listen to what patients say and feel.  
  • They are persistent in their quest to help patients and will "think outside the box"  and consider alternatives in order to achieve optimal health.
  • They frequently incorporate a blend of Eastern and Western therapies to insure whole body wellness.


  • When patients speak about morning sickness, swollen feet, varied emotions  nutrition concerns, we understand--as moms and caring physicians who have delivered thousands of babies.
  • Our intimate practice provides the medical and emotional support that can help you enjoy every step of your pregnancy. 
  • Unlike larger practices, Dr.'s Morrone and Kirsch, are the only two doctors you will see regularly throughout your pregnancy. Thus, your management is consistent. They are the physicians who know you well and whoyou trust They both live close to the hospital. Their proximity enables you to have their immediate care.
  • They are skilled at managing multiple births, advanced maternal age and high risk pregnancies.
  • Their efficient, state -of-the-art and nurturing practice blends the best of all worlds to insure a wonderfully memorable experience  as you welcome your child into the world. 

 Adolescent Gynecology


​   Obstetric care with expertise in

  •      women over age 35
  •      gestational diabetes
  •      twins
  •      women with fibroids
  •      history of preterm labor/delivery
  •      anxiety and/or depression 
  •      recurrent pregnancy loss
  • women who desire personal Obstetric care
  • 24/7 coverage by the doctors you know well
  • Amniocentesis and certified in-office Sonography
  • Labor and delivery with one of your two doctors  
  • Ante-natal fetal testing, genetic testing fetal surveillance
  • prenatal and postpartum immunizations & vaccinations


  • Dr.'s  Morrone and Kirsch are women and mothers who have juggled similar challenges as you. They have already passed through several transition stages of womanhood and have experienced many of the same symptoms and issues. They understand, first hand,  how best to help you achieve and maintain optimal health.
  • Women's  medical needs vary over time. They need attentive, creative and personalized care to suit individual stages and different lifestyles. 
  • Dr. Morrone and Kirsch are committed to helping you maximize mind and body wellness. They utilize allopathic and alternative modalities to help achieve optimal balance throughout womanhood.

  • Drs. Morrone and Kirsch are highly respected by parents, teens, pediatricians and other health professionals for their expert care and sensitive style
  • They are well known for their gentle and compassionate first gyn exam and visits with teens.
  • Mothers trust them to help their daughters understand and negotiate health issues and prepare them for the challenges of womanhood. 
  •  Adolescents trust them to make their early woman health visits emotionally and physically safe and comfortable.
  •  In this personal and confidential environment, adolescents will learn about proper nutrition, appropriate and healthy  body image, self breast exam, management of irregular menstrual cycles, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.